Director and Staff



Vanessa Schwartz
History, Art History
and Critical Studies

 Executive Committee

Daniela Bleichmar
Associate Professor of Art History and History
Kate Flint
Provost Professor of English and Art History
Akira Mizuta Lippit
Professor of Cinematic Arts, Comparative Literature, and East Asian Languages and Cultures
Nancy Lutkehaus
Professor of Anthropology, Gender Studies and Political Science

James McHugh
Assistant Professor of Religion
Sherry Velasco
Professor of Spanish and Portuguese and Gender Studies
Ann Marie Yasin
Associate Professor of Classics and Art History

Advisory Comittee

Sarah Banet-Weiser
Professor of Communications and American Studies and Ethnicity
Lisa Bitel
Professor of History and Religion
Leo Braudy
University Professor and Leo S. Bing Chair in English and American Literature and Professor of English and History
Meiling Cheng
Associate professor of Critical Studies and English
Phil Ethington
Professor of History
Macarena Gómez-Barris
Associate Professor of Sociology and American Studies and Ethnicity
Janet Hoskins
Professor of Anthropology and Religion
Suzanne Hudson
Assistant Professor of Art History
Jessica Keating
EMSI/VSRI Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, 2012-2014
Kara Keeling
Associate Professor of Critical Studies and American Studies and Ethnicity
Megan R. Luke
Assistant Professor of Art History
Susan McCabe
Professor of English
Tara McPherson
Associate professor of critical studies and gender studies
Panivong Norindr
Associate Professor of French and Comparative Literature
Steve Ross
Professor of History
Atia Sattar
Provost's Postdoctoral Scholar
Department of Comparative Literature
Laura Isabel Serna
Assistant Professor,
School of Cinematic Arts
Bruce Smith
Dean's Professor of English

Affiliated Faculty

Jason Hill
Visiting Asstistant Professor of Art History, UNLV
VSRI Affiliated Research Scholar
Priya Jaikumar
Associate Professor,
School of Cinematic Arts

Faculty Publications

Vanessa Schwartz
Modern France: A Very Short Introduction
Sherry Marie Velasco
Lesbians in Early Modern Spain
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