News Pictures

News pictures are first and foremost created to be forms of communication, despite the fact that in reality, they are often no less expressive and interpretive than artworks. News pictures share with art that they are visual expressions but they also self-consciously seek to inform about the present -- the world currently accessible outside the picture -- in a truthful way. They are fundamentally examples of Visual Evidence, the core topic of research of USC’s Visual Studies Research Institute. The news picture is an image that operates across the boundaries that have traditionally divided the fields of art history, history, communications and media studies. As such, understanding news picture requires a willingness to work collaboratively across these fields, taking the lessons of each seriously and seeking to bring their respective strengths to bear on the subject rather than attempting to identify their particular blindspots. In Spring 2014, a team-taught graduate seminar, led by Vanessa Schwartz, will address these questions. USC-based instructors include: Larry Gross, USC-Annenberg, Sarah Banet-Weiser, USC-Annenberg and VSRI, Diane Winston, USC-Annenberg and Religion, Kate Flint, Art History, English and VSRI, Matthew Amato, USC Visual Studies Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow.

Guest Speakers

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