Fall 2014

USC Visual Studies Graduate Certificate:  Fall 2014 Courses

MDA 501: Introduction to Visual Studies: Methods and Debates
A pre-approved, required course for the Visual Studies Graduate Certificate (VSGC) offered in Fall 2014
Akira Lippit, Thursday, 2-5pm
A critical introduction to the field of visual studies focusing on interdisciplinary approaches to images, objects, and visual technologies as well as key texts and interpretive debates. Students must be enrolled in a Ph.D. program at USC. 

ANTH 576L: Anthropological Media Seminar
Jennifer Cool, Monday, 4:00-6:50pm, GFS 217
This course is a hands-on, lab-based survey of video and audio production techniques that presents an overall strategy for making anthropological media. Its purpose is to guide students in developing their own projects and to undertake production during the academic year.

CTCS 518: Seminar in Avant-Garde Film/Video
Thomas Kemper, Monday, 1:00-5:50pm, SCA 316
Aesthetic, historical and ideological issues in avant-garde film and video.

ENGL 502: Mimesis, Echo and the Crisis of the Copy in Contemporary Critical Theory
Karen Tongson, Monday, 2:00-4:20pm, WPH 204
This seminar revisits foundational debates in literary and cultural studies about the status of representation, and our critical methods for evaluating representational techniques and apparatuses. One of our seminar’s primary objectives will be to re-familiarize ourselves with literary historical and philosophical genealogies of audiovisual mimesis. Special attention will be paid to the sonic or auditory dimensions of these critical conversations—particularly notions of the “echo” as it has, repeatedly, of course, made itself heard in critical theory from Ovid, to Lacoue-Labarthe, to contemporary media and popular music studies about citation, sampling, covering etc.

FA 551: Fine Art and Interdisciplinary Studies
Friday, 10:00-12:50pm
Issues and theories of contemporary art in relation to philosophy, history, literature, music, theatre, film, culture, politics, science, psychology and other disciplines.

PAS 585: Theorizing the Public Realm
Friday, 10:00-12:50pm, IFT 109
Interdisciplinary exploration of theories of public space and the public domain, from the 19th century to the present.

SLL 665: Seminar in Russian Culture and the Arts
Anna Krakus, Thursday, 2:00-4:50pm, THH 221
Subject varies from year to year. A trend or major figure will be studied in its cultural and artistic contexts.


Past Team-Taught Courses

  Spring 2005: Visual Culture and Its Discontents Professors Anne Friedberg and Nancy Troy Fall
  Fall 2005: Visualizing Colonialism Professors Janet Hoskins and Philippa Levine
  Spring 2006: Picturing Paradise: Western Images of Utopia and Real Shangri-La’s Professors Jane Iwamura and Nancy Lutkehaus
  Fall 2006: Envisioning Frontiers and Borderlands Professors William Deverell and Roberto Lint-Sagarena
  Spring 2008: Image/Word/Object: Rethinking the History of Books and Reading Professors Daniela Bleichmar and Deborah Harkness
  Fall 2011: Seeing Science and Technology on the Move, 1500–present Professors Daniela Bleichmar and Vanessa Schwartz
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