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Video Resources

* Many of the links and descriptions below, sometimes with minor changes or additions, are listed verbatim from “Some Resources to Identify, Purchase, and/or View Videos on Bioethics Issues” by Laura Bishop, Ph.D. of the National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature, Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University

  • USC Libraries: Homer Catalog

    Perform an advanced search in HOMER, and limit the format to “AV materials.”

    Several of the libraries' collections include DVDs and VHS tapes. You can limit your search by library location in the advanced search form. (Click here)

  • WorldCat Database lets you search the collections of libraries in your community and thousands more around the world.  Some of the items located at other libraries can then be requested via interlibrary loans.  Perform an advanced search and limit the format to “visual materials.”  (Click here)

  • Google Video

    Enter keyword terms into the search box to search for video clips on the Internet.  Keyword examples include bioethics, stem cells, cloning, etc.  Be warned: the videos retrieved will range from the educational or documentary in nature to the humorous or personal video blog.  (Click here)

  • YouTube

    Google owns YouTube and so the results can be similar.  Still, it’s worth searching both.

    The results run the gamut from scholarly interviews to TV news clips to personal videos to class projects on topics in ethics.  (Click here)

  • PBS Videos

    This site is the access point for Frontline, NOVA, Bill Moyer’s Journal, and Religion & Ethics Newsweekly programs, all of which have a large archive of shows that explore ethical topics.  Transcripts and streaming video are available online for some programs. PBS offers a “Teacher Source” link offering content suitable for classroom use and even some lesson plans (enter teacher source in the search box).  The teacher source collection and/or the general site may be searched using the term “ethics” in the search box.  Both print and video items will be retrieved.  (Click here)

  • BBC Audio and Video Archives

    Click on button for BBC Audio & Video, then enter your search term into the box.  (Click here)

  • Bullfrog Films

    This 32-year-old company is a resource for environmental and educational videos.  It bills itself as “the leading US publisher of independently-produced, environmental videos, that point the way to living healthily, happily, and with greater concern for the other inhabitants of this planet and for our descendants.”  Relevant subject areas include: animal rights, biotechnology, developing world, ecology, environment, ethics, human rights, and indigenous peoples; an alphabetical title list also available.  (Click here)

  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Archives

    Use the search box to find video clips on topics of interest.  (Click here)

  • C-SPAN

    A good site for congressional hearings.  On the left margin scroll down to “Other C-Span Sites” and select “Capitol Hearings.”  You’ll find a schedule of future hearings to which you may listen while they are occurring.  (Generally, you may also link to these live hearings from most committee sites.)  To search for older materials, select C-SPAN Store from the left margin.  You may enter one search term in the general search box.  If you select advanced search, select a keyword from the drop-down menu (bioethics is on the list) OR enter a term in the summary box to search descriptions of programs. You may also search by date.  According to a C-SPAN representative,   “less is more” in terms of detail
    when using the search engine.  (Click here)

  • Episteme Links: Philosophy Resources on the Internet

    Audio and video online resources are searchable by topic, including Bioethics and Medical ethics, Professional and Business Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Ethical Theory, and Applied Ethics (general).  Some resources are available online, others can be ordered on VHS or DVD.  The “additional resources”  are very helpful and include links to related articles and recommended books.  (Click here)

  • Fanlight Productions

    This company specializes in film and video works on “healthcare, mental health, professional ethics, aging and gerontology, disabilities, the workplace, and gender and family issues” and represents more than 150 independent and broadcast producers.  The online health video collection may be searched by subject and title.  The site offers links to other health and media sites on the Web. (Click here)

  • Films for the Humanities & Sciences (Films Media Group)

    The videos are categorized, but since ethics crosses across many categories, you will need to use the search box (type in “ethics”) to get a list of related videos.  (Click here)

  • National Institutes of Health, Office of Science Education, Science in the Cinema

    Commercial films containing science content and/or ethics content are highlighted during each summer’s film series.  This site provides lists from 1994-2007 of the films selected each year for screening and discussion. Annotations and science themes are provided for some films.  (Click here)

  • The Earth Ethics Institute at Miami-Dade College

    Recommendations and video links on topics in Environmental Ethics from the Earth Ethics Institute at Miami-Dade College (Click here

  • PBS POV Discover Films Series

    PBS's POV documentaries are a valuable resource for teachers and students. Use these free video clips and companion lesson plans to present POV films to your class. (Click here)

    Also check out the lesson plans available in the Educators section

  • Earth Films

    Earth Films was founded in 1998. We use documentary filmmaking, digital media and art to bring diverse, critical perspectives to pressing ecological and social justice issues. (Click here)

  • Earth Justice (Formerly the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund)

    Earth Justice has both audio and video available on a variety of current issues in environmental ethics (Click here).

  • Transparency International: The Global Coalition Against Corruption

    Transparency International, the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption, brings people together in a powerful worldwide coalition to end the devastating impact of corruption on men, women and children around the world. TI’s mission is to create change towards a world free of corruption.  (Click here for its multimedia news room)