The Film

Dangerous Beauty (Warner Bros, 1998) has brought the remarkable life story of Veronica Franco to big and small screens around the world. The stunning Catherine McCormack embodies the sensuality and intellect of the sixteenth century courtesan. The dashing Rufus Sewel offers a brilliant performance of Franco’s lover, Marco Venier. Other cast members include actors Oliver Platt (Maffio Venier), Jacqueline Bisset (Paola Franco), Moira Kelly (Beatrice Venier) and Naomi Watts (Giulia De Lezze). More of a dramatized love story than an accurate biopic, Dangerous Beauty, nevertheless, introduces Franco and her legacy to a wider audience.

In this section, you will find interviews with Dangerous Beauty’s Director, Marshall Herskovitz, and Screenwriter, Jeannine Dominy. You will also find selected reviews of the film, which opened in limited release to mixed critical acclaim. Finally, you will find a comparison of the information presented about Franco in Dangerous Beauty with the facts of her life.

Directing Dangerous Beauty
Writing Dangerous Beauty (Coming Soon!)
Fact vs. Fiction (Coming Soon!)