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USC Sea Grant contributes to solving the problems of the Urban Ocean, while recognizing the opportunities for coastal commerce, recreation and improving the quality of life in coastal regions such as Southern California.  Learn more... 



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The Sea Grant X – Files: Halibut Sexing and the No-Eyed, Many Spined, Grazing, Purple, Kelp-Eaters

The Fall 2014 issue focuses on two very successful collaborative fisheries research projects led by The Bay Foundation and funded by USC Sea Grant.  The first project tested a non-lethal method to determine the sex of California halibut, and the second project found that kelp restoration is possible after an urchin barren.

Results easily bridged the gap between scientific research and practical application to make immediate improvements in the Southern California urban ocean. Check out the feature stories, interviews, and in-depth look at the research here.


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