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USC in the UK: England and Scotland Cultural Program

Students studying in England and Scotland are often tempted to spend every weekend in a different European country. While travel to Europe is indeed convenient, we encourage students to discover what their host country has to offer! Participating in the UK Cultural Program will ensure that you get to see and experience things that many tourists (and even study abroad students) miss.

Included in the USC tuition for students in England and Scotland are:

  • Pre-Departure Orientations
    Dr. John Sharkey, the UK Resident Coordinator, visits USC for a week to conduct pre-departure programs for all students participating on USC-approved UK programs and one-on-one sessions with students who have questions.  Alumni often attend these events to share their experience with prospective students. 
  • Welcome Dinners
    At the beginning of each semester, Dr. Sharkey arranges welcome dinners for students in their respective cities. This may be the first time all of the USC students at one university have a chance to catch up, and it is also an opportunity to voice any concerns about their program, classes, etc. Dinner is sometimes followed by a show or a play.
  • Excursions
    Two group trips to locations throughout the UK are arranged each semester. Past destinations have included London (for Edinburgh students), Stratford-upon-Avon, The Scottish Highlands, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Salisbury and Stonehenge (for London students), York, and Canterbury. Various day trips are organized each term, in both the London and Edinburgh areas, as well as a guest speaker event each term. Day trips and guest speakers have included backstage tours of the National Theatre, a day at the Ascot Races, and a guided walking tour of London.
  • 16 - 25 Railcard
    Traveling by train is a great way to discover a country, meet new people, and see off-the-beaten-path locations not accessible by plane. Students are reimbursed for the purchase of a 16 – 25 Railcard, which gives a 30% discount on all rail travel within the UK and can be used at any time – making it more convenient than a Eurail pass!