Beginning of Treatment Forms:

Therapists often use these forms in the first session to gather some initial information.  It is helpful if you can bring the form completed to your first session.

Child Information Form

Personal Background Form


Consent Forms:

Consent forms provide an overview of treatment and assessment services at our center, and give you an idea of what you are agreeing to when you decide to seek services here.  It is a great idea to review these documents before your first session. 

For adults seeking individual treatment, read "Informed Consent for Treatment"

For couples and families seeking therapy services, read "Informed Consent for Treatment" and the "Addendum for Couples and Families"

Informed Consent for Treatment

Consentimiento informado y Acuerdo de Tratamiento

Addendum for Couples and Families


For families with older youth, where the youth may be seen individually for some or most sessions, the "Assent Form for Youth" and the "Treatment Information Form for Youth" may be helpful for both the family and the adolescent to read.

Assent Form for Youth

Treatment Information Form for Youth


For those who are looking to complete an assessment, read the "Informed Consent for Assessment" form.

Informed Consent for Assessment