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USC Good Neighbors Campaign

We support the Good Neighbors Campaign by contributing funding to University partnerships with community organizations. The Good Neighbors Campaign was founded by then-USC President Steven Sample in 1994 by asking faculty and staff to contribute a portion of their paychecks to support or establish community-building organizations in the surrounding area. Good Neighbor Campaign funded organizations range from placing children on a pathway to college, making the streets safer for families, and offering activities and programs aimed at improving the health and well-being of residents in the neighborhoods surrounding USC’s campuses. Faculty is encouraged to participate by applying for funding and beginning a community project. 

Video by Mira Zimet

 Faculty can submit their proposal by following the directions on the following link:


Deadlines for next year's proposals will be posted on this site soon. 


CURRENT GRANTEES (2013-2014):  

ARC Smart Archaeology Program: $4,832


Community Partners: UPC USC Family of Schools, LAUSD Art & Artifacts (Leslie Fischer)

University Partner: Archaeology (Lynn Dodd)


Breed Street Shul History in a Box: $19,280

Community Partner: Breed Street Shul Project, Inc. (Sherry Marks)

University Partner: Center for Diversity and Democracy (George J. Sanchez)


Garden Gateway Nutrition Education Project: $26,159

Community Partner: Community Services Unlimited (Neelam Sharma)

University Partner: History Dept (Josh Goldstein)


Mentoring Generations/Young Docent Program: $20,000

Community Partner: Friends, The Foundation of the California African American Museum (Brenda Tyson)

University Partner: American Studies and Ethnicity (Francille Rusan-Wilson)



Community Partner: Living Advantage, Inc. (Pamela Clay)

University Partner: Joint Educational Project (Jacqueline Whitley)


USC Penny Harvest Project: $47,500  (NEWS STORY)

Positive Change

Community Partner: Murchison Elementary School (Margarita Gutierrez)

University Partner: HSC Community Outreach (Alan Sanchez)


USC ReadersPLUS: $81,615

Community Partner: USC Family of Schools (Bruce Onodera)

University Partner: Joint Educational Project (Tina Koneazny)


PAST GRANTEES (2011-2012):

USC ReadersPLUS: $82,905

Education Consortium of Central Los Angeles: $25,570

ARC Smart Archaeology Program: $4,393

Supporting Foster Youth in Transition to Adulthood (SFYTA): $33,550

Garden Gateway Nutrition Education Project: $27,43