Working in a Global Economy - A German Perspective on Cross-Cultural Understanding and Business Practices

"Change your language and you change your thoughts" --Karl Albrecht, Founder of ALDI & Trader Joes supermarket chain                                                                                               

No matter whether you find yourself working in business, politics, engineering, design, science, education or any other field, it is impossible to be a “citizen” of just one culture while ignoring the rest of the world. Part and parcel of the paradigm of the 21- century work environment are not only skills such as adaptability to constantly changing technologies - one of the key elements of a successful career is also to speak more than one language and the ability to successfully navigate in a multicultural society, in a global economy across different cultures and in a world in which all countries and its citizens are growing increasingly dependent on each other.

The German Studies Program at USC has invited experts from the German-speaking business world to talk about their experience as “bi-culturally fluent” members of the global economy. Leaders from companies such as Mercedes Benz, Bosch-Siemens Home Appliances, EuroVat Refund and the chairman of the German American Business Association in Southern California will not only share their insights with you but are also available for breakout sessions focusing on particular areas of interest (creative design & engineering and business) and Q&A.


EVENT LOCATIONUniversity Club, Sriptorium Room 

EVENT DATE:            Thursday, November 6, 2014

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Event Organizer & Moderator: Dr. Britta Bothe, USC German Studies Coordinator

5:00 PM     Introductory Remarks: Dr. Bernd Fischer, Consul General of Germany

5:15 PM     Panel

6:15 PM     Breakout sessions:

                   1.       Engineering and Creative Design

                             Session facilitator: Stefan Zeltner, 2014 USC Alumnus, Computer Science, KISS Institute for

                                                                                                                                             Practical Robotics

                             Speaker: Christopher Rhoades, Chief Designer, Mercedes Benz Advanced Design Center

                   2.       Business

                             Session facilitator: Dr. Marion Philadelphia, USC Director for the Center of Management  

                                                                                                                        Communications, Marshall Business School


                                              Philip Walter, Senior Vice President, BSH

                                              Wolfram Doelker, Chairman, GABA

                                              Daniela Treptow, International Market Communications Analyst, Euro VAT Refund

7:15 PM    SC Racing Team presentation, Club President: Sean Summers

7:30 PM    Reception 

  • Britta Bothe
  • University of Southern California
  • Taper Hall 353
  • 3501 Trousdale Parkway #255
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089-4353