Overseas Studies

Every foreign language student should consider to study overseas, the German language student is no exception to that rule.

Studying in a German speaking country will be the experience of a life time. Not only will you be able to immerse yourself fully in the linguistic environment of your target language, but you will also be able to gain invaluable insights into the everyday life of ordinary and extraordinary citizens of German-speaking countries.

If you want to give your linguistic and cultural competence a boost, study abroad. Even the best classroom environment can not come close to your first-hand experience in Germany.

Hovel Scholarship for study abroad in Germany

Students participating in the IES Berlin or Boston University Dresden programs are encouraged to apply for the Hovel scholarship, an award of up to $5,000 for semester students and up to $10,000 for full-year students demonstrating a high level of interest in German language, culture, history, politics, economics, and society. Students must have a German Studies minor in order to be eligible.

Please click here to download the the application form or visit the Overseas Studies Office website: http://dornsife.usc.edu/usc-and-outside-overseas-scholarships/


Study Abroad Opportunities

Office of Overseas Studies  

Berlin Program 

USC German Studies minor, Alison de Guide, was asked by the IES program to write a blog about her experience in Berlin. Check out Alison's blog and see what she is reporting back from Germany's capital.

Dresden Program

TU Dresden is a German "elite university" - N.Y Times article

Video Clip about Dresden featuring USC student Jace Brittain.


The Study-Abroad advisor for Germany is Vito Grillo: 

  • Britta Bothe
  • University of Southern California
  • Taper Hall 353
  • 3501 Trousdale Parkway #255
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089-4353