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USC Dornsife Magazine, Spring/Summer 2012


Cover Story: Standing up against racism. Saving the oysters. Allowing science to progress. Just a few monumental topics in USC Dornsife 2020’s range of view.
by Pamela J. Johnson Full Story

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An Accident with Purpose

Bob Padgett '68 chose a career in emergency medicine after a life-altering car crash. He was a 19-year-old freshman in USC Dornsife with no clear direction when he awoke in a hospital bed.... 

Scholarly Symbiosis

With the guidance of USC Dornsife faculty, undergraduates are creating their own spaces for dynamic learning by contributing to research studies or embarking on independent study projects.

Being Human

Whether it’s Joshua Greenberger’s study on infant language acquisition or Maureen McCarthy’s research on chimpanzees, students and faculty in two new USC Dornsife programs are exploring what it means to be human in mind and body.

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