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USC Course Evaluations

This site provides members of the USC community with results from undergraduate students' course evaluations. This information is provided with appreciation for students' cooperation in completing course evaluation forms every semester.

Course evaluation results reflect the opinions of those students who took the time to fill out an evaluation form. The results tell us something about student satisfaction, but they do not tell us how much students actually learned or benefited from the course.

Results are provided for all undergraduate courses starting in Spring 2002 that (a) obtained a response rate of at least 50% on the course evaluation; (b) obtained at least 3 completed course evaluation forms; and (c) provided course evaluation data in a form that could be displayed here. At this time, data for several schools Dentistry, Fine Arts and Law) are not included because their procedures differ from those most commonly used on campus. We will add data from these schools as soon as possible. Evaluations for Business and Accounting are available beginning with the Fall 2002 semester; evaluations for Cinema-Television are available beginning with the Fall 2003 semester.

Users can search by course and by professor. Results are provided for 12 questions on the course evaluation form rated on a five-point scale (1=poor, 2=below average, 3=average, 4=above average, 5=excellent). For each item we display two important pieces of information:

1) The mean, or arithmetic average. Higher mean scores indicate higher satisfaction among students completing the questionnaire. 2) The standard deviation, which signifies how closely clustered around the mean the individual ratings were. A small S.D. means that most students were in close agreement, while a larger S.D. means that ratings were more varied. Roughly 68% of ratings fall within one standard deviation of the mean, 96% fall within 2 standard deviations and 99.6% fall within 3 standard deviations of the mean.


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