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USC College Magazine Spring/Summer 2009


Going once, going twice, sold! Economist Simon Wilkie uses his expertise in game theory to devise a method for eliminating the country’s stockpile of toxic assets. This is one auction we can’t afford to miss. 

By Laurie Hartzell  Full Story

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50 Jobs, 50 States, 50 Weeks

Facing a dismal job market unmatched since the Great Depression? Such discouragement put this alumnus on his mettle to think big. He’s giving career mobility a whole new meaning — landing jobs from California to the New York Island, from the redwood forest to the gulf stream waters

Our Experts Weigh In

Caroline Betts, associate professor of economics, and Robert Dekle, professor of economics, share their insights into the nuances of the economy.

Candid on Credit

Payments, fees, interest, statements — what does it all stack up to? Kelly McNamara Corley ’82 provides a peek into the credit industry’s legal landscape.

The Heart (and Soul) of Gold

For geologist Jeffrey Wilson ’76, it takes more than just a pick and shovel to strike it rich. These days, gold exploration is as much about satellite imaging, computers, graduate degrees and, oddly enough, a good dose of international diplomacy.

Keep the Dream Alive

Jason Thomas ’94, ’00 offers his fellow Trojans a few simple but important tips to re-examine their financial goals and tactics.

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