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Unruh Institute of Politics Internship Program

The Unruh Institute of Politics at the University of Southern California encourages students to gain real-world experience in politics through an off-campus internship placement program, on-campus research internship and an internship program teaching in local schools. While students gain practical experience and build relationships in the world of politics, employers reap benefits such as the inflow of new ideas, the opportunity to attract potential future employees, and the contributions of motivated students whose class grade depends in part on their employers’ satisfaction with their work. Our internship program is open to undergradudate students of any major.

POSC 395: Directed Governmental and Political Leadership Internship

Placements are available with elected officials, political consultants, non-profit organizations, state and local government agencies, environmental organizations, political parties and campaigns, interest groups, political media and more. Internships provide exciting opportunities to participate in the political process and help students gain insight into the nature of political institutions and learn about important policy debates.  

POSC 395 is an upper-division course which can count toward the Political Science major/minor, as well as other majors/minors (e.g. International Relations, Human Rights, Peace & Conflict Studies).  The primary requirements of the internship course are to work at your internship for the required number of hours per week, and to fulfill the assignments required for the class. 

How to Receive Course Credit

You receive course credit by enrolling in POSC 395. This course requires D-Clearance. You must complete an internship agreement form signed by both you and the supervisor at the office where you will be working before you can receive D-Clearance.

POSC 395: California Policy Research Internship

USC students who enroll in POSC 395: California Policy Research Internship will have the opportunity to conduct extensive research and analysis on a major public policy challenge facing California.

Students will take part in a team-based research project where they will work to develop potential solutions in their respective policy areas by conducting interviews with policy experts and reviewing academic and policy reports and other primary and secondary sources.  At the conclusion of their internship, each policy group will present their work to leaders in the realm of policy, politics, and public service. 

POSC 395: Civic Engagement Teaching Internship

USC students who enroll in POSC 395: Civic Engagement Teaching Internship will help develop and execute an innovative civic engagement program for local high school students.

USC students will deliver six lessons designed to help high school students understand the history and value of voting, and to help the students see how improved voter turnout can impact their community and the issues that matter the most to them. 

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