For Students

The purpose of the internship program is to help students make connections between what they learn in class and a practical experience in the world of politics. The Institute's internship program serves approximately 80-100 students per semester, with students interning in the offices of elected officials, non-profit organizations and political consultants.

The Unruh Institute offers internship opportunities in various locations throughout the country, including:

  • Los Angeles & Southern California
  • Sacramento & San Francisco
  • Washington, D.C.

The Institute also introduces students to the political process through various opportunities including the following:

  • Joseph R. Cerrell Sacramento Seminar - a 3-day conference at the State Capitol in which students meet and learn from California politicians, political staffers, and lobbyists.
  • Students Talk Back - a weekly forum to discuss the latest news in the political sphere with professionals in the field and politically-active students from USC.
  • HR Director's Panel - a hands on interviewing experience with HR directors from various political organizations in the Los Angeles area.
  • Jobs Forum - a forum to discuss potential job opportunities and how to maximize your networks.
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