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University of Edinburgh

Program Site: University of Edinburgh. Humanities and social sciences courses are held on the main George's Square campus in the city center. Most science and engineering courses are held in the King’s Buildings, located about 20 minutes south of the main campus.

Eligibility: 3.0 cumulative GPA. It is also recommended that students have completed several background courses in their major field if they wish to study that subject at Edinburgh.

Description: With a population of about 500,000, Edinburgh is regularly voted one of Europe’s most desirable places to live. The medieval ‘old town’ sits beside the elegant Georgian ‘new town’ creating a unique blend of ancient and modern architecture.  There is something for everyone: from museums and art galleries to a great clubbing and music scene. Over half of the city is covered by parkland and public gardens, making it a perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts.

Founded in 1583, The University of Edinburgh is one of the UK’s oldest universities and consistently ranks among the top ten in the country. It has a student body of over 23,000 and a long tradition of welcoming international students. USC students are directly enrolled and take courses alongside locals.

Academics: The University offers courses in more than 50 disciplines and has top ranked departments of anthropology, biological sciences, classics, computer science, earth and marine science, economics, chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering, English, philosophy, physics, politics, religion, and sociology. In addition, the University maintains a very Scottish character and offers a wide range of courses in Scottish, Celtic and Gaelic Studies.

Course load and Credit: Students take between 3 and 6 courses, depending on their discipline. The maximum number of units granted per semester is 15. See what is offered by using the University of Edinburgh Course Finder.

Activities and Other Program Features: There are about 180 student clubs and the International Students’ Centre runs a program of events throughout the year. The Edinburgh University Students’ Association occupies four buildings on campus, comprising bars, libraries, TV rooms, theatres, snooker rooms and more; its entertainment program features debates, regular DJs and live music.

In addition, the USC UK Resident Coordinator leads several excursions in England and Scotland each semester, which are open to all students attending UK universities through USC Dornsife overseas programs.

Accommodations: Guaranteed housing in university residences. Unless requested, students are housed in single rooms, either in a dormitory or university-owned apartment. A meal plan is available only to students living in Pollock Halls; other residences are ‘self-catered’ – kitchen facilities are shared by students living on the same floor.

Dates: Fall, Spring or Year. Fall semester runs from mid September to late December, spring semester runs from early January to late May.

Estimated Semester Cost:
Additional Expenses*……………$14,228

Cost Updated: 8/25/15
Text Updated: 8/25/15

*Additional expenses include estimated costs for airfare, room and board, books and supplies, health insurance, and personal expenses (which can vary greatly from student to student). USC financial aid, scholarships, and tuition remission may be applied to program costs. Please visit the Office of Overseas Studies for more detailed cost information.

University of Edinburgh
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