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USC Dornsife Torchbearer

 2014 USC Dornsife Torchbearer Luncheon

Thursday, November 5 at 11:30 a.m.

Town and Gown


Opening Remarks – Robert Beyer, USC Dornsife Torchbearer, USC alumni and USC Dornsife Board of Councilors Member

Benefactor Address - Graham and Elaine Smith, USC Dornsife Torchbearers, USC Parents and Philanthropists

Student Address -Laura Kagami, USC Dornsife Student, SURF recipient

A USC Dornsife Torchbearer advances the mission of USC Dornsife; supports the scholarly pursuits of USC students and faculty in the arts, humanities, and social and natural science; lights the path for future generations; and transforms lives through innovation, discovery and community.

You are a USC Dornsife Torchbearer because of your support of USC Dornsife in one or more of the following ways: 

  • undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships
  • student research and programs
  • faculty research
  • endowed chairs
  • research and learning facilities
  • Institutes and Centers


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USC Dornsife Torchbearers 2014

For the sixth year in a row, USC Dornsife recognizes our supporters.

Video by Matt Meindl & Mira Zimet


2013 USC Dornsife Torchbearer Luncheon

Featured special guest speaker, Carol Quimby-Bonan, USC Dornsife Torchbearer, USC alumna and philanthropist.

Additional Remarks by:

  • Scott Fraser, Provost Professor of Biology, Pediatrics and Engineering and the Director of Science Initiatives at USC Dornsife and USC Viterbi School of Engineering
  • Mark Torres, graduate recipient of the William M. Keck Foundation Graduate Endowed Fellowship
  • Angel Njenga, undergraduate recipient of the Harry A. Miller scholarship and the Biological Sciences and French Scholarship


2012 USC Dornsife Torchbearer Luncheon

Featured special guest speaker, Leslie Berger, USC Dornsife Torchbearer, USC Dornsife Board of Councilors Member and USC Dornsife Parent.

Additional Remarks by:

  • M. Hashem Pesaran, John Elliott Chair in Economics, Director of the USC Center for Applied Financial Economics, Professor of Economics
  • Ashley Kramer, graduate recipient of the Bitzer Family Fellowship
  • Russell Stewart, undergraduate recipient of the Brian Phillip Rakusin Neuroscience Scholarship and the Fred V. Keenan Endowed Scholarship Fund


 2011 USC Dornsife Torchbearer Luncheon


Featured guest speakers Dana and David Dornsife

Additional Remarks by:

  • Alice Echols, Barbra Streisand Professor in Contemporary Gender Studies, Professor of English, Gender Studies and History, Chair of Department of Gender Studies
  • Matthew Gratias, graduate recipient of the Willard and Betty Beline Student Scholars Awards Fund
  • Sarah Edwards, undergraduate recipient of the Garold Alfred Leach Memorial Scholarship

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2010 USC Dornsife Torchbearer Luncheon

Featuring special guest speaker, Lynda Boone Fetter, USC Dornsife Torchbearer, Wrigley Institute of Environmental Studies Advisory Board member and USC Dornsife Parents.

Additional remarks by:

  • Peter Mancall, professor of history and anthropology and Director of the USC-Huntington Early Modern Studies Institute
  • Andrew Matson, undergraduate recipient of the James A. and Janie K. Crawford Endowed Scholarship Fund and the Royal Marks Endowed Scholarship
  • Radheeka Jayasundera, graduate recipient of the Wallis Annenberg Graduate Fellowship Endowment Fund in Humanities and Social Science

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2009 USC Dornsife Torchbearer Luncheon

View pictures from the 2009 Torchbearer Luncheon and keynote address from Dr. Lawrence Piro.

University of Southern California Alma Mater

"All Hail to Alma Mater
To thy glory we sing;
All Hail to Southern California
Loud let thy praises ring;
Where Western sky meets Western sea
Our College stands in majesty;
Sing our love to Alma Mater,
Hail, all hail to thee!"