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Annual Research Conferences

Thematic Option's research conferences provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to enrich their academic experience by publicly presenting their ideas and research.  In response to a general call for papers, Thematic Option students developed topics under the given theme to be presented as part of a panel.  Topics are reflective of students’ various disciplines and interests and focus on issues ranging from politics to popular culture.  Each panel is composed of four to five students, with a USC faculty member or Thematic Option writing instructor serving as the panel’s chair and respondent.  A question and answer session follows the presentation of papers in each panel.


Click on a conference name for more information and students' abstracts.

2015 The Past Is Prologue

2014 Down the Rabbit Hole

2013 The Ties That Bind

2012 Icarus

2011 The Lies We Tell

2010 On the Road

2009 Dreams, Illusions, and Other Realities

2008 Barbarians

2007 This Mortal Coil

2006 Translation

2005 Pandora's Box

2004 Rank-o-Philia

2003 The Tower of Babel

2002 Dissolving Boundaries

2001 Anarchy

2000 High/Low: Culture, Class, Technology

1999 Meaning of the Millennium

1998 Postmodernism