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Dear prospective Trojan Health Volunteers,

We just want to notify everyone that  THV sign ups for the spring 2014 lottery will  be online beginning at 12:00am Saturday January 4th at:

Registration will promptly open at 12 AM on Saturday, January 4th, and will continue throughout the week and weekend, closing at 12 pm on Monday, August 13th. The link for sign ups will be posted on both the THV blog and the Facebook page. In the meantime, we encourage you to check out the Facebook page and blog for more information about THV, take a look at the Spring 2014 Calendar, and read reviews about students' volunteer experiences at their respective sites.

All students who register will be required to enter the selection process at 7:00AM Tuesday, January 14th, at the JEP house. Students must be present when their name is called to be eligible. The door will be locked at 7:10AM. Students who are selected will then be required to attend a mandatory info session that week (6-7pm January 14th OR 4-5pm January 16th), attend an orientation session (6-7pm January 21st OR 4-5 pm January 23rd), obtain TB clearance before getting their site assignment, and complete orientation at the hospital/clinic prior to volunteering.

Below are some guidelines for this new process:

  • As before, THV will be open to 2nd year students and above. No 1st year students will be allowed to sign up for THV
  • We encourage first year students to visit JEP during the first week of classes to learn more about the “Sun Smart” program, an NIH funded research study that offers opportunities comparable to THV
  • Registration will be on a lottery system
  • 2nd year undergraduates will have their name entered once
  • 3rd year undergraduates/1st year post-bac will have their name entered twice
  • 4th & 5th year undergraduates/2nd year post-bac will have their name entered three times
  • Students who register but do not get drawn will receive 1 extra entry to be counted towards the next semester

We ask that students uphold integrity and select the correct grade level. If there should be any reason to check for accuracy, we reserve the right to do so.

Although this is a major change to our registration system, we would like to thank you for your patience. We hope this makes THV safer and more comfortable for our new students.


Priyanka Vachhani
Program Director

Jack Foraker
Assistant Director

***** Since we can only take so many students each semester, it is VITAL that you honor your commitment to both the program and your site. Failure to meet these standards may result in a mark of "non-compliant" or removal from the program*****