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Support Programs


At USC Dornsife, both your faculty and your fellow classmates will push you and challenge you in new and exciting ways.
If ever you find yourself slipping, lost, or in need of a little extra guidance in any of your classes, there's no need to worry. Our number one priority is ensuring that you have the tools and support to succeed in our enriching academic community.
In addition to our numerous academic support programs, we encourage you to engage your faculty and academic advisors on a personal level. Finding a faculty or staff mentor can be your greatest asset as you navigate your undergraduate experience.



Supplemental Instruction

We know some subjects are uniquely challenging. That's why we have Supplemental Instruction (SI), an innovative academic program that targets difficult math and science courses such as General Chemistry, Molecular Biology, and Calculus III to provide students with regularly scheduled weekly study sessions.
Led by undergraduate students who have previously excelled in the course, these small, collaborative groups create a supportive environment where you and your peers will together review lecture material, reading, and homework, and learn successful exam strategies.

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Language Center

Language helps us make sense of the world, and the Language Center is dedicated to improving students' communication with (and understanding of) diverse people and cultures across the globe.
Need to type an essay using Japanese characters? Want to practice your conversational skills with a native Russian speaker? The center provides interactive multimedia resources, audio and video materials, and classrooms equipped with the latest technology.
Come here to study Arabic and Chinese, French and Italian, Hebrew and Hindi... or any of our broad range of language offerings. At the USC Language Center, you literally have the world in your hands.

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Writing Center

At USC Dornsife, we believe writing is a process, not a product. The Writing Center is a student-focused, non-grading facility whose sole purpose is to help you take your craft to a new level. We work with students of all abilities on the process of critical thinking, drafting, and revision that leads to clearly expressed ideas, coherent argument, and persuasive reasoning.
At the Writing Center, we don't edit or proofread students' papers; instead, through group workshops and one-on-one consultations, we equip you with the skills you need to make writing easier. You learn the strategies you will need to express yourself effectively.

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