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Pre-Professional Programs


What are your professional ambitions? Perhaps you have always dreamed of becoming a physician, lawyer, teacher, or pharmacist. Or maybe you just recently discovered your professional interests, and now you have your sights set on becoming a therapist, social worker, dentist, or corporate executive. Regardless of your postgraduate ambitions, we believe your undergraduate experience should offer you the opportunity to pursue your dream without sacrificing academic exploration.
You do not have to major in Biochemistry (or any other natural science) to prepare for a professional program in health. You do not have to major in History, Philosophy, or Political Science in order to be a competitive applicant for the best law schools in the country.
You can't major in Pre-MedPre-Law, or Pre-Teaching at USC. Instead of focusing solely on your professional goals as an undergraduate, we encourage you to seek out other academic areas of interest to gain a wider perspective of the world. Choose any major(s) and minor(s) that you enjoy, take a variety of courses that help you learn to analyze and think critically, and become an articulate and conscientious global citizen. This will help you become not only a stronger graduate or professional school applicant, but also a more well-rounded individual and thoughtful professional in your future career.
At USC Dornsife, we talk a lot about providing you the tools and resources you need to excel, and we mean it. We are by your side as you tackle difficult challenges, and we make it our mission to get you comprehensive support that helps you thrive. Our pre-professional advisors will help you navigate undergraduate course and major options, direct you toward opportunities to volunteer and intern, and provide a variety of resources to help you achieve your goals.




Medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, physical therapy... health professional fields span many diverse areas, and knowing how to prepare for graduate programs in these fields can be challenging. USC Dornsife offers a variety of services and involvement opportunities to help you prepare for a career in the health professions.
Declaring a Pre-Health emphasis at USC will grant you access to the USC Dornsife-Keck Pre-Health Center. You will meet with pre-health advisors, enroll in all the requisite pre-health coursework, and be exposed to an array of resources and opportunities. Many of our pre-health students can be found throughout their undergraduate career volunteering in clinics, shadowing health professionals, and gaining research experience. Interested in giving back to your local community? Join the Trojan Health Volunteers program, which partners with 11 hospitals and local clinics to offer you the chance to give back while gaining a first-hand understanding of health professions.
The actual application process for health professional schools can seem daunting, but we try to make the experience as smooth as possible by offering support through workshops and seminars. Need tips on asking for recommendation letters? Want to hear from admission representatives from a variety of health schools? Hoping to get feedback on your personal statement? We offer all these services and more through the USC Dornsife-Keck Pre-Health Center.




With over 180 ABA-accredited law schools to choose from, applying to law school may seem like an intimidating prospect. Take advantage of the support and guidance of our Pre-Law Advisors. These advisors are here to help you make the most of your undergraduate experience, both inside and outside the classroom, as you look ahead toward entering law school.
Because "Pre-Law" is not a major at USC, we hope you will take a variety of courses that will help you understand how to analyze and think critically in the context of our society's historical, philosophical, economic, and political traditions. Engage in courses that will help you understand how people behave and interact. Take up an interesting minor such as Psychology and Law; Race, Ethnicity, and Politics; or Science, Technology, and Society. Join law-related student organizations on campus to discover mentorship, networking, legal research, and community service programs. Participate in USC's award-winning Mock Trial Team, or review, edit, and publish undergraduate papers through our Journal of Law and Society.
Want to meet admission representatives from law schools across the country? USC Dornsife organizes an annual Law School Fair so you can learn more about various schools in an informal college fair setting. Need feedback on your law school personal statement? Our Pre-Law Advisors organize workshops to help you polish and perfect your work. USC Dornsife advisors are here to offer support and guidance as you prepare to apply to law school.

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