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Teaching Ethics

This section focuses primarily on how ethics can be brought into the classroom effectively.  Here you'll find suggestions for formulating various types of ethics-focused assignments, as well as on how to help students develop good habits of ethical awareness, deliberation, and action, and how to assist them in overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way.  Also included in this section are links to general teaching resources from the USC Center for Excellence in Teaching.



  • You can also find a large collection of helpful general teaching tips at the USC Center for Teaching Excellence (CET).  Many of these apply to challenges associated with teaching ethics in the same way they do to challenges associated with teaching other subject matters.
  • One of the most common worries faculty have about teaching ethics is dealing with problematic students who reject the instructor’s expertise about the subject or engage with the subject matter in a way that is insulting and offensive to others.  The CET’s advice on how to deal with difficult students and tense moments in the classroom can be particularly helpful in avoiding and diffusing such situations.