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Teaching Ethics Program

The Teaching Ethics Program (TEP) trains undergraduate volunteers each year to introduce competing ethical perspectives and lead ethics case study discussions in neighborhood high schools. Undergraduate students can participate in TEP as volunteers or for course credit (if enrolled in a participating TEP affiliated course).

TEP is an ethics outreach initiative based on the successful USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences service learning model developed by the Center for Active Learning in International Studies (CALIS). Through TEP, USC students have an innovative opportunity to respond to the Levan Institute challenge: to engage with, understand, and internalize the timeless values at the core of our humanity.

To Participate in TEP:
1. Email to inquire about sigining-up for a training session.
2. Attend a 2-hour training session that will provide you with the basic frame and tools applied to ethical dilemmas. The training session will focus on main approaches to ethics and moral awareness.
3. Join a team of three USC students to teach a series of four class sessions over four weeks.

Upcoming Training Session Dates:
Wednesday, September 3, 2014, THH 212 | 7-9 PM
Thursday, September 4, 2014, THH 108 | 4-6 PM







Read an article about the first semester of our high school Teaching Ethics Program for USC undergraduates (Dornsife Chronicle, December 2010).

If you are a professor interested in supporting TEP by offering a credit option in your course, or a high school teacher interested in inviting a TEP team to your classroom, please contact CALIS.

USC courses that have offered credit for participation in TEP: 

  • PHIL 135g - Legal Controversies and Ethical Principles
  • PHIL 137gm - Social Ethics for Earthlings and Others
  • PHIL 140g - Contemporary Moral and Social Issues
  • PHIL 155g - Modern Philosophy and the Meaning of Life
  • PHIL 440 - Contemporary Ethical Theory
  • MDA 100b - Intro to the Health Professions

Please contact your course instructor to inquire if course credit is offered for participation in TEP.