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The Dornsife Commons Series Descriptions 2011-12


Conversations at Sunset

If you are a faculty member, do you find yourself wishing you knew what your colleagues think about? If you are a student, would you like to know more about your professors’ ideas? This series provides an opportunity for informal sharing of the subjects and ideas we are passionate about.


USC Dornsife 2020

USC Dornsife 2020 provides seed funding for faculty teams organized around thematic research clusters that address topics of special complexity, relevance, and importance. It is intended to help envision what USC Dornsife should be by the year 2020. This series features symposia organized by the faculty teams for three of these projects that are now in their second year. Their topics are: Bridging the Divide: Science and its Publics, Climate Change in Southern California, and Genocide Resistance.


The Future of USC Dornsife

The gift from Dana and David Dornsife offers unparalleled opportunities to think about what USC Dornsife is and should be and to shape its future character and mission. What should the name “USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences” mean? What common values and aspirations USC Dornsife faculty and students? How can USC Dornsife, through research and teaching, help make the world better? This series will examine these exciting questions.


Working Through Masks

Throughout the world people have employed masks to disguise, perform or entertain. Used in Greek tragedies, folk ceremonies and ancient rituals, masks are applied to augment the power of expression. This series breaks down the techniques of acting in masks, the importance of movement, and studies the perception of emotional shifts and the intimacy that the masks create to facilitate individual emotional responses.