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Mapping the Pre-modern Mediterranean

Organized by Jason Glenn (History), Claudia Moatti (Classics) and Ramzi Rouighi (History)

This series distills from texts of various genres the mental maps of pre-modern Mediterranean — that is, the geographical, ethnographical, and even legal constructions of the region — to consider how they themselves were not merely shaped by but also helped to shape the social and political landscape. A range of speakers and interrogators asks how can we effectively frame discussions of political, religious and cultural difference for a world in which peoples of different backgrounds and traditions coexist in and, indeed, make up a single society?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
The “Jewish” Bill of Exchange: A Forgotten Chapter in European Debates about Jews and Capitalism

Pre-circulated papers will be distributed approximately two weeks prior to these events.  For more information please contact the organizers, Jason Glenn (History):; Claudia Moatti (Classics):; Ramzi Rouighi (History):

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