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Sustainability at USC Dornsife


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In Spring 2013, Dean Steve Kay established the Sustainability Task Force to craft an inclusive, interdisciplinary vision of the future of sustainability at USC Dornsife and to provide leadership for USC more generally.

The task force builds upon USC Dornsife’s successful interdisciplinary undergraduate major in environmental studies and its associated progressive master’s program, the teaching and research programs affiliated with the USC Wrigley Marine Science Center, the Program for Environmental and Regional Equity and the USC Dornsife 2020 Climate Change in Southern California research cluster, among others.

Some research areas include scarce environmental resources, conservation efforts, climate change, air and water quality, biodiversity, energy, livable cities, coastal environments and environmental justice.

Specifically, the task force is assisting with the identification of: (a) the key themes in sustainability education and research that should be the focus for future development in this area; (b) main programmatic goals for USC Dornsife to consider over a three-year period beginning in 2013–14; (c) available departmental strengths and challenges in terms of existing research and teaching resources relevant to sustainability.

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