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Summer Program FAQ

What classes are offered during summer classes?
The courses offered are located on the online Schedule of Classes.

How much do summer courses cost?

The cost of summer courses are listed on Tuition and Fees.

Who can attend USC summer classes?
USC utilizes open enrollment during the summer...

What are my options for housing?

For USC students: USC Summer Housing
Non-USC students: USC Alternative Housing Resources

Will USC summer course credits transfer to my home university?

The transferability of course credit is determined by the home school, not USC.  Please check with your home university for their determination of transferability of course credit.

Can I arrive after the session has started?

No. The summer schedule condenses an entire semester in a few weeks.  Each class day is equivalent to at least a week of the regular semester.  Students are not permitted to arrive late due to the missed class time.  Because the learning experience is accelerated and the work is intense, you should give yourself enough time to become settled in USC in plenty of time.

What are the academic expectations for students?

Students are expected to be familiar with the course web site and syllabus.  It is advisable for visiting students to preview the summer session, academic department, and course web sites prior to arrival in USC.

Students are expected to attend class every day.  Many classes have a score for "Class Participation"; if you are absent, your grade will suffer.  This is because we believe you learn from participating in the discussion in class in addition to the material formally tested on exams.

Students are expected to complete a high volume of reading and homework assignments.

You must keep up with the work.  If you get behind on the reading, you won't understand the classes.

In most classes, there is work due every day: homework, quiz, or mid-term exam.  You cannot succeed by "cramming" before the final exam.

How do I obtain an official transcript?
Please refer to Transcripts.