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Inquiry and Proposal Submission Processes

If you have an interesting project or program that needs funding, the first step to identifying private funding support is to sign up for CFR office hours.  Following a discussion of your funding needs, CFR will work with you to explore funding opportunities, contact funders, navigate the university's clearance process, and help you prepare a letter of inquiry or proposal for submission.

Proposal Submission Process

Please review the Proposal Submission Process in PDF form here.

Important to Note:

  • Overhead and fringe benefit rates must be included in all proposal budgets (federal and private)
  • Comunication should continue throughout the proposal preparation process
  • The Principal Investigator is responsible for complete and timely submission of proposals
  • The proposal preparation process takes time (i.e. for budget development, document preparation, approvals)
  • Faculty compensation in grant proposals is considered regular effort and cannnot be paid as a stipend or overload
  • CFR needs to be informed of other proposals in the works and to which agencies, deadlines, etc.
  • Matching requirements, including reduced overhead, require Dean's approval in advance of proposal preparation
  • Guidelines, Requests for Proposals and solicitations should be sent to CFR as soon as possible
  • Research projects funded by external sources require a research agreement between the funder (sponsor) and USC


Additional Resources

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To learn more, please contact the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations.