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Financial Aid & Study Abroad

USC's strong commitment to the study abroad experience is reflected in its policy of allowing all financial aid (grants and loans) to be applied to the cost of semester or year-long overseas programs for up to two semesters abroad.

The Office of Overseas Studies estimates costs for personal and travel expenses (e.g., airfare, passport fees, visa fees, personal expenses, additional travel, etc.) based on information from the program provider and other sources.  After a student has been accepted to a particular study abroad program, the USC Financial Aid office will adjust the student’s financial aid package on the basis of the cost sheet for that program.  Each semester all financial aid recipients who are accepted to a study abroad program are invited to a Financial Aid Meeting, where they get more information on how study abroad may affect their financial aid.

For students who receive financial aid (e.g., grants and loans), the estimated family & student contribution (EFC) remains the same as it would be on campus, regardless of whether the cost of the overseas program is less or more than the cost of a semester or year on campus.

Example: A student plans to attend a program with a total cost (tuition and living expenses) of $20,000 for a semester.  On campus the student’s EFC is $10,000 per semester and the student receives $14,000 in grants and loans per semester.  For the semester abroad the student’s EFC of $10,000 remains the same, and the student will receives$10,000 in grants and loans.If the same student goes on a program with a total cost of $26,000 for a semester, the EFC remains the same, the student still receives $14,000 in grants and loans, and the student can receive an additional $2,000 in loans.