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Dornsife students talk about how they used their SURF funds to conduct their various research projects. Video by: Mira Zimet

Video by Mira Zimet

Grad Candidate in Classics

USC Dornsife Department of Classics doctoral student reinvigorates humanities’ oldest discipline.

Video by Mira Zimet


Dornsife students describe how they use their SOAR (Student Opportunities for Academic Research) funds to assist faculty research or to support their own research project.

Video by Mira Zimet

Grad Candidate in Neuroscience

Neurobiologist Tansu Celikel and graduate student David Herman examine how the brain processes sensory data.

Video by Mira Zimet

Problems without Passports

Problems Without Passports shows undergraduate researchers that big issues transcend national borders.

Video by Mira Zimet

Grad Candidate in Biological Sciences

USC Dornsife doctoral student Rob O’Malley studies chimpanzees in Tanzania through a partnership with a pioneering primatologist.

Video by Mira Zimet