Clinton Godart

G. Clinton Godart

STS Faculty

Assistant Professor of History

Phone: (213) 740-1657
Office: SOS 153
I was trained originally in philosophy, and in Chicago received my PhD in history, where I also studied the history of science. My research concerns the intellectual history of modern Japan, and I am particularly interested in the hybrid zones where science, religion, and philosophy meet, and stand in tension. My previous research involved the history of Buddhism in the nineteenth century, especially the way Buddhists engaged with Western philosophy, and how Japanese intellectuals reacted to foreign categories of knowledge. I have also written on the development of philosophy of biology in Japan. I am currently working on a book manuscript, provisionally titled "Darwin and Japan's Modernity: Evolutionary Theory in Japanese Intellectual Life." This work explores the introduction, reception, and the manifold uses of, and debates on, evolutionary theory in Japan, by biologists, philosophers, ideologues, Buddhists, Christians, socialists, and anarchists, from the 1860's until the postwar period. In addition, I am making the first steps for two projects: firstly, the history of the relations between religion and science in modern Japan, and secondly, the intellectual biography and influence of Ishiwara Kanji (1889-1949), an influential army general and Buddhist thinker, which involves the broader issues of the Asia-Pacific War, the U.S. occupation of Japan, and the theory of utopianism.

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