Statistics Masters Approved Electives

The following is a list of courses that can be counted toward the unit requirement for the MS in statistics given by the Mathematics department. Additional courses can be approved by faculty should they fit the necessary criteria.  See the USC Catalogue for course descriptions. Students should be aware that registration in any course requires that all course prerequisites be satisfied, and that no prerequisite will be waived for the special purpose of the course being an MS elective. Further below are courses that may not be used as electives for the Statistics Masters.

BISC: Biological Sciences

BIOC/BISC 543 (4) Human Genetics

CSCI: Computer Science

CSCI 567 (4) Machine Learning
CSCI 570 (4) Analysis of Algorithms
CSCI 585 (4) Database Systems
CSCI 686 (4) Advanced Big Data Analytics

DSO: Data Sciences and Operations

DSO 402 (2) Business Information Systems, Database Applications
DSO 528 (3) Data warehousing and data mining
DSO 530 (3) Advanced statistical learning methods
DSO 606 (3) Bayesian Data Analysis

ECON: Economics

ECON 511 (4) Econometric Methods
ECON 514 (4) Probability and Statistics for Econometrics
ECON 613/614 (4) Economic and Financial Time Series, I and II

EE: Electrical Engineering

EE 441 (3) Applied Linear Algebra for Engineering
EE 464 (3) Probability Theory for Engineers
EE 553 (3) Computational Solution of Optimization problems
EE 559 (3) Mathematical Pattern Recognition
EE 562AB (3) Random Processes in Engineering
EE 563 (3) Estimation Theory
EE 592 (3) Computational methods for Biomedical imaging

FBE: Finance and Business Economics

FBE 441 (4) Investments
FBE 535 (3) Applied Finance in Fixed Income Securities
FBE 555 (3) Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
FBE 559 (3) Management of financial risk

GSBA: Graduate School of Business Administration

GSBA 604 (3) Regression and Generalized Linear Models for Business Applications (but cannot be used to satisfy the Math 542L requirement)

ISE: Industrial and Systems Engineering

ISE 520 (3) Optimization: Theory and Algorithms
ISE 525 (3) Design of Experiments (but cannot be used to satisfy the Math 542L requirement)
ISE 538 (3) Elements of Stochastic Processes
ISE 539 (3) Stochastic elements of simulation

IR: International Relations

IR 514 (4) Multivariate Analysis

MATH: Mathematics

MATH 502B (3) Numerical Analysis
MATH 506 (3) Stochastic Processes
MATH 508 (3) Filtering Theory
MATH 509 (3) Stochastic Differential Equations
MATH 512 (3) Financial Informatics and Simulation
MATH 530AB (3) Stochastic Calculus and Mathematical Finance
MATH 547 (3) Methods of Statistical Inference
MATH 578AB (3) Computational Molecular Biology
MATH 605 (3) Topics in Probability

PM: Preventive Medicine

PM 510L (4) Principles of Biostatistics
PM 511ABC (4) Data Analysis
PM 513 (3) Statistical Methods for Analysis of Experimental Designs
PM 522AB (3) Introduction to the Theory of Statistics
PM 544 (3) Multivariate Analysis
PM 534 (3) Statistical Genetics
PM 570 (3) Statistical Methods in Human Genetics
PM 571 (3) Applied Logistic Regression
PM 603 (4) Structural Equation Modeling

PSYC: Psychology

PSYC 501 (4) Statistics in Psychological Research
PSYC 502 (4) Analysis of Variance and Experimental Design
PSYC 503L (4) Regression and the General Linear Model
PSYC 520 (4) Test Analysis
PSYC 575 (4) Multivariate Analysis of Behavioral Data
PSYC 577 (4) Analysis of Covariance Structures
PSYC 578 (4) Workshop in Quantitative Methods

PPD: Public Planning and Development

PPD 557 (4) Modeling and Operations Research
PPD 558 (4) Multivariate Statistical Analysis

SOWK: School of Social Work

SOWK 761L (3) Statistics for Social Work

SOCI: Sociology

SOCI 521L (4) Quantitative Methods and Statistics

The following courses may not be used as electives for the Statistics Masters:

DSO 510
FBE 540
MATH 525
MATH 532
PPD 502X
PPD 525
PPD 570