The following is a list of courses that can be counted toward the unit requirement for the statistics minor degree in the Department of Mathematics. The list will be expanded if it is determined that courses not listed below also fit the necessary criteria. See the USC Catalogue for course descriptions. Students should be aware that registration in any course requires that all course prerequisites be satisfied, and that no prerequisite will be waived for the special purpose of the course being a minor elective. Further below are courses that may not be used as electives for the minor.

In addition, any elective approved for the Masters of Science in Statistics can be used for the statistics minor. Note that many of the Masters of Science electives are less than four units. Students choosing such an elective should be aware that they are still subject to the total unit requirement of the minor degree. Students in need of one elective unit may want to consider taking a Directed Research course outside their major department.

Biological Sciences

BISC 478   Computational Genome Analysis

Biomedical Engineering

BME 210   Biomedical Computer Simulation Methods
BME 423   Statistical Methods in Biomedical Engineering

Business Administration

BUAD 311   Operations Management
BUAD 425   Data Analysis for Decision Making


ECON 414   Introduction to Econometrics
ECON 419   Advanced Econometrics

Electrical Engineering

EE 465   Probabilistic Methods in Computer Systems Modeling

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Studies

HP 350L   Health Behavior Research Methods

Industrial Systems Engineering

ISE 426   Statistical Quality Control

Information and Operations Managment

IOM 424   Business Forecasting
IOM 427   Designing Spreadsheet-Based Business Models

Preventative Medicine

PM 522AB   Introduction to the Theory of Statistics


PSYC 421L   Applied Multivariate Statistical Methods

The following courses may not be used as electives for the minor:

BUAD 310
ECON 317
HP 340
IOM 435
MATH 218
PPD 303
PSYC 274
SOCI 314