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Proposal Preparation

Starting December 1, 2014 - All proposals must be routed using the Kuali Coeus (KC) Preaward system. KC has replaced the PAR and the ePAR. Detailed instructions available here.

Update: Starting May 2015 - Kuali S2S (Cayuse) is available for all submissions. Instructions are available here.

All proposals for sponsored research funding must be routed first through the Dornsife Research Office (DRO) for school approval, then through the Department of Contracts and Grants (DCG) for institutional approval and submission. Only DCG officers are recognized as authorized signing officials for USC.

KC Proposal Submission Process

  1. Proposal Development Document is created
  2. PI approves
  3. DRO approves
  4. PI finalizes proposal; approves again
  5. DCG reviews the proposal and submits to sponsor

The following items are required to be uploaded to the Internal Attachments section for Dornsife approval:

Submission Deadlines and Processing Times

  1. Dornsife Research Office Processing
    Proposal Development Documents should be received by DRO at least 5 business days prior to the proposal deadline. DRO will process and approve within 24 hours provided there are no issues raised in the review process that require confirmation, clarification or additional approvals.

    Once DRO approves the Proposal Development Document, the PI and the proposal initiator will receive an email notification asking for final approval. Final approval should not be given until the final proposal documents have been uploaded to the Proposal Attachments section and are ready for DCG review.
  2. Department of Contracts and Grants Processing - DCG Service Commitment
    Complete Proposal Development Documents, including all finalized proposal documents, should be submitted to DCG at least 3 days prior to the proposal deadline. Proposals received in advance of this deadline will receive priority treatment.

    Proposals received less than 24 hours ahead of the deadline will be submitted if possible. However, because it may be impossible to check for errors, these late proposals risk rejection by the sponsor.

    DCG will notify you when the proposal has been approved by the senior administrator.

Contact Information

Should you need proposal preparation assistance, please email us at or one of our staff members directly.

Erin Ruml
Contracts & Grants Coordinator
Departments covered: American Studies and Ethnicity, Anthropology, Art History, Center for Applied Mathematics, Chemistry, International Relations, Center for International Studies, History, Korean Studies Inst., Linguistics, Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute, Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy, Slavic Languages and Literature, Sociology

Alan Rice
Contracts & Grants Coordinator
Departments covered: Human and Evolutionary Biology, Marine Biology, Neurobiology, Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations, Economics, Center for Japanese Religions & Culture, Political Science, Religion, USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies, East Asian Languages and Culture

Proposal Processing Assistant

Mike Godinez
Director of Research Administration