The Society of Physics Students at USC is the local chapter of the national SPS organization. We're a group of students who love physics and hope you do too!

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Physics Dept Colloquia: Crystallography with X-ray Lasers

Vadim Cherezov, a professor for the Bridge Institute Department of Chemistry at USC will be partaking in the Physics Deparatment colloquia this coming Monday where he will be discussing his research in x-ray crystallography. 

September 21 at 4:15 pm in room SLH 102 unless otherwise noted. Check out the Department's page for updates. 

Welcome Back Barbecue [Past]


Thanks to everyone who stopped by, we had a blast getting to know some of you guys!

Hungry? Good. Stop by the SPS Barbecue to enjoy some good food with some awesome people. Hope to see you there!

General Meetings

Stay tuned for our General Meeting schedule. In the meantime, check out our Events tab to see what we're up to! 

Communicating the Science of Global Warming

Renowned astrophysicist and science communicator Jeffrey Bennett, our guest speaker, will be commenting on climate change and how scientists can better communicate complicated concepts so that issues surrounding it may be better understood. Be sure to swing by to learn a thing or two and engage in the dialogue! The conversation is sure to get ... heated. 

Refreshments will, of course, be provided.

Learn more about Jeffrey Bennett here: http://www.jeffreybennett.com/

Co-sponsored by USC Environmental Student Assembly
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Particle Fever Viewing Party

Come watch a movie with SPS! Particle Fever is a documentary that focuses on the work done at the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at CERN. There will be popcorn.  

First General Meeting!

Hello, all! Please join us for our first general meeting of the year on Friday, September 19th in the 2nd floor lounge of Seaver Science Center (SSC). We will be having a quick meet and greet followed by a discussion about our plans for the year and just physics in general. There will be (free) pizza!

Also, check out this year's SPS video: 

Speaker Event: Dr. Alan Willner

Alan Willner is a professor in the USC Electrical Engineering Department. He currently does research in superfast optical connections (wireless and fiber), and his light manipulation abilities are legendary.

Come join us on Monday, Febrary 10th at 6:30 pm in EEB 539 to hear Professor Willner speak! There will be pizza. You don't want to miss this event.

Research website: http://csi.usc.edu/~willner/

Skype Call with SPS National

We had a great time talking to SPS National about the future of SPS!

Dr. Bickers' Birthday

Happy Birthday, Dr. Bickers! As tradition goes, the Society of Physics Students hosted a birthday dinner for Bickers at Papa Cristo's. We had a great time eating Greek food and can't wait until next year.

Speaker Event: Dr. Arthur Olch

Get ready to witness the physics revolution of the medical world in another event held by the USC Society of Physics Students! If you are interested in going into medical-related professions or just want to see the blossoming of new fields in biomedical research thanks to physics, this is the event for you! You do not want to miss out on this presentation on medical physics that Dr. Arthur Olch will give right here on the USC Campus. Such research leads to even more breakthroughs and ways to help those who need it most: bright lives who are stricken with cancer, real people who struggle with tough diseases, and much, much more. We hope this event will encourage you to continue your scientific journey through college and beyond or even to stimulate interest in physics in those of you who have not really considered being involved in science.

The talk will address the questions: What is Medical Physics? What does a Medical Physicist do? What do you have to do to get into the field? What are some of the resources to learn more after this talk? What is the typical compensation?

Dr. Arthur Olch is Professor of Clinical Pediatrics and Radiation Oncology at the Keck School of Medicine and also the Chief of Physics for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Radiation Oncology Program.

Also, Free Pizza!
Food at 6:45 and to chat with your friendly SPS members. Presentation at 7:00.

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Check out SPS's YouTube channel to get updated on upcoming events and physics videos.

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