SPOT Methods

International Time-Series Methods Workshop
November 28 - 30th
Diane Kim will be present a poster highlighting SPOT and the MO Laboratory.  Good luck!


Please see Related Labs for Analytical Protocols 

GO-SHIP Repeat Hydrography Manual

The Global Ocean Ship-based Hydrographic Investigations Program (GO-SHIP) brings together scientists with interests in physical oceanography, the carbon cycle, marine biogeochemistry and ecosystems, and other users and collectors of ocean interior data to develop a sustained global network of hydrographic sections as part of the Global Ocean / Climate Observing System.

CLIVAR & Carbon Hydrographic Office

The CCHDO's primary mission is to deliver the highest possible quality global CTD and hydrographic data to users. These data are a product of decades of observations related to the physical characteristics of ocean waters carried out during WOCE, CLIVAR and numerous other oceanographic research programs. Whenever possible we provide these data in three easy-to-use formats: WHP-Exchange (which we recommend for data submissions to the CCHDO), WOCE, and netCDF.


Cruise form must be submitted 7 days prior to cruise.

RV Yellowfin departs SCMI promptly at 07:00.

Wear close-toed shoes.

Bring water and lunch.

Take seasickness medication 45 minutes prior to boarding.

Wear sunscreen and a hat.

  • Troy Gunderson
  • USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies
  • University of Southern California
  • University Park Campus
  • AHF 108
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089-0371