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Speaker Testimony

  • Erin O’Donnell- Occupational Therapist- Medicine

    “Our main goal at speaking engagements is to increase awareness of OT and help people understand what we do. If we can target a younger and younger audience and get kids learning from an early age how great OT it, then we are off to a good start!  I also try to make sure to help kids understand disability  a little bit better. Especially with younger kids, I try to reiterate the message that not everyone’s body and brain work the same way and that some people need a little extra help doing things, and an OT can help with that.”

  • Ester Nah- Marine Biologist at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

    “I had sooo much fun at my session!  The school was easy to find.  When I got there I checked in at the main office and Dimiana came down to help me right away.  She was fabulous (as were the other teachers/staff).  The students were wonderful.  They were so enthusiastic and open.  The amount of time was perfect.  It was long enough so that I didn't feel rushed and I was able to have a nice conversation with the students.  I showed them some pictures of the aquarium and the different spaces I work in.  We read a book called In One Tide pool. They then touched some specimens that were on a couple tables in the classroom.  There were lots of questions and tons of stories the students wanted to share the whole time. Dimi and I wanted to maybe plan a trip for the students to come and visit the aquarium soon.”