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Universidad de Deusto, Bilbao

Program Site: Universidad de Deusto campus, located in the city center.

Eligibility: Minimum 3.0 GPA and two semesters of college-level Spanish (or the equivalent). Students who only meet the minimum requirement (2 semesters of college-level Spanish or equivalent) must take a USC Spanish class or take the Spanish language placement exam within one year before going to Spain.

Description: Surrounded by mountains and not far from the beach, Bilbao is the largest city in northern Spain, offering visitors the chance to experience the diversity of Spanish culture. While Spanish is the major language, Basque is spoken as well, and the regional cuisine is internationally recognized. The city is well known for its high quality of life, and boasts a wealth of cultural venues, a wide range of festivals, and plenty of shops, parks and restaurants.

Founded in 1886, the Universidad de Deusto is located across the river from the famous titanium and glass Museo Guggenheim designed by Frank Gehry. The university has around 17,000 students and is small enough to nurture a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and large enough to offer a wide range of courses and activities.

Academics: USC students participate in the Spanish Language and Culture semester program offered by Deusto's International Spanish Center (Centro Internacional Deusto de Español - CIDE). Note that CIDE's Business, International Relations and Spanish semester program is not approved for USC credit. CIDE's Spanish Language and Culture program is designed for North American students who want to immerse themselves in the language and culture. Students generally take ten units of intensive language study and two or three 3-unit elective courses in Spanish, Basque, and European studies. Sample electives for students with two of more semesters of Spanish include Business Spanish, Basque Culture and Language, Europe in the World, Spanish through Gastronomy, and Contemporary Spanish Society.  Electives for students with at least four semesters of Spanish include Spanish through Drama, Hispanic Linguistics, Survey of Spanish Literature, Analysis of Hispanic Literature, and Spanish Cinema and Literature. Spanish majors and minors are encourages to take Academic Spanish. Students with an very high level of Spanish may be eligible to take some regular Deusto courses alongside Spanish students in humanities and social science subjects. 
Course load and Credit: Students take a minimum of 15 units and can earn a maximum of 18 USC units per semester.

Activities and Other Program Features: In addition to a guided tour of Bilbao, there are several organized excursions outside of the city, including a three-day tour of Madrid, Toledo, or Segovia; a Biscay day tour; a day trip to Gernika/Guernica and Mundaka; and a day tour to the Basque region of southwestern France.

Accommodations: Spanish homestay, dormitory, or apartments (shared with Spanish speakers). Meals are provided in the homestays and dormitories; students living in apartments have kitchen facilities.

Dates: Fall, Spring or Year. Fall semester runs from early September to mid December. Spring semester runs from early January to mid May. Students taking regular university courses in the spring should plan to stay in Bilbao through mid-June.

Estimated Semester Cost:
Additional Expenses*..........$11,674

Cost Updated: 5/28/15

Text Updated: 8/26/15

*Additional expenses include estimated costs for airfare, room and board, books and supplies, health insurance, and personal expenses (which can vary greatly from student to student). USC financial aid, scholarships, and tuition remission may be applied to program costs. Please visit the Office of Overseas Studies for more detailed cost information.

CIDE Spanish Language and Culture Program
Universidad de Deusto