Sociology Theme Areas

Social Inequality

These courses address the character, causes and consequences of social inequality, paying particular attention to immigration, race, ethnicity, gender, sexualities, and/or class.  These courses include:

SOCI 305       Sociology of Childhood

SOCI 342       Race Relations

SOCI 350       Social Exclusion, Social Power, and Deviance

SOCI 355       Immigrants in the United States

SOCI 356       Mexican Immigrants in Sociological Perspective       

SOCI 357       Latino Social Movements

SOCI 360       Social Inequality: Class, Status, and Power

SOCI 366       Chicana/Latina Sociology                                          

SOCI 375       Asian Americans: Ethnic Identity

SOCI 376       Contemporary Issues in Asian American Communities

SOCI 386       Men and Masculinity (SWMS 385)

SOCI 430       Work and the Workplace

SOCI 432       Racial and Ethnic Relations in a Global Society

SOCI 435       Women in Society

SOCI 437       Sexuality and Society

SOCI 460       Key Issues in Contemporary International Migration

SOCI 464       Sociology of Gender and Work

SOCI 470       Development and Social Change in the Third World

Social Change and Public Policy

These courses address the character, causes and consequences of social change, paying particular attention to the role human agency, grassroots organizing, and/or political action, as well as the implications for public policy.  These courses include:

SOCI 320       Social Psychology

SOCI 331       Cities                                   

SOCI 335       Society and Population   

SOCI 340       Organizations: Bureaucracy and Alternatives to Bureaucracy        

SOCI 351       Juvenile Justice and Public Policy         

SOCI 353       Public Policy and the Criminal Justice System        

SOCI 365       Visual Sociology of the Urban City and its Residents

SOCI 369       Family in Changing Society

SOCI 379       Mixing and Matching: Intermarriage in 21st Century

SOCI 382       Judaism as an American Religion

SOCI 385       Population, Society, and Aging

SOCI 408       Volunteers, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Everyday Politics

SOCI 420       Sociology of Violence

SOCI 425       Crowds, Publics, and Social Movements

SOCI 445       Political Sociology

SOCI 450       Non-Governmental Organizations/Non-profits Field Practicum 

SOCI 468       Sociology of Religion

SOCI 475       Medical Sociology

Theme Area Concentration

Students who complete four upper-division courses in a single theme area will receive departmental recognition and documentation of their "Expertise" in their chosen area of concentration -- Social Inequality, or Social Change and Public Policy.




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