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Ph.D.   Sociology and Gender Studies, University of Southern California (expected 2013)
M.A.    Sociology, University of Southern California, 2009
B.A.     Sociology, Boston University, 2005

DISSERTATION TITLE: "Sexual Subjects: Hooking Up in the Age of Post-Feminism"

Dissertation Chair
: Sharon Hays

In Sexual Subjects, I combine historical, textual, ethnographic, and interview methodologies to examine the relationship between college hook-up culture and post-feminist culture, demonstrating how both are connected to the perpetuation of gender and racial inequalities and the production of neoliberal subjects. I find that hook-up culture is post-feminist both in its explicit claim to operate "beyond gender" and in its implicit re-inscription of key gender, sexual, and racial stereotypes and hierarchies. In its specific focus on the connections between hooking up and post-feminism, this research speaks to the stalled "revolution" in sexual politics, as well as issues of gender and racial inequality, and suggests a new way of thinking about contemporary sexual interactions.

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Ph.D.   Sociology, University of Southern California, 2012 

M.A.    Sociology, University of Southern California, 2010
B.A.     Sociology & Chicana/o Studies, University of California at Los Angeles, 2005

DISSERTATION TITLE: "Working With La Familia: A Study of Family Work Relations Among Latino/a Children and Adolescents Who Work With Their Parents as Street Vendors in Los Angeles"

Dissertation Chair
: Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo


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