Honors Program

Honors Program and AKD International Honors Society

Juniors and seniors with high GPAs in the major and overall (3.5 in the major and 3.25 overall) are encouraged to participate in the USC Sociology Honors Program consisting of two honors seminars (SOCI 494 and SOCI 495), during which they will complete a significant piece of sociological research under faculty guidance.  (SOCI 313 and SOCI 494 are prerequisites for SOCI 495.)

Juniors and seniors who have made substantial progress toward completion of the program and have achieved a 3.3 GPA in Sociology and a 3.0 GPA overall are eligible for the Alpha Kappa Delta International Sociology Honors Society.

Students who are interested in applying to the Honors Program may come to the main office, HSH 314, to pick up an application form.  All applications are due April 15th.

  • Sociology
  • 851 Downey Way
  • HSH 314
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089-1059