Why Learn Russian

In an interview with the London Times on April 1, 2009, George Little, a CIA spokesman, spoke of the need for more Americans to learn Russian: "In order to accomplish our vital intelligence mission we want to market our employment opportunities to speakers of Arabic, Russian, Korean, Pashtu and Urdu. We want to emphasise to those communities that we welcome first-generation Americans to apply. They bring critical language skills and a knowledge of culture to support our intelligence mission."

  • The Russian language is used by at least 250 million people and is the fifth most widely spoken language in the world (behind Chinese, English, Hindustani and Spanish)
  • Russia is the largest country on the planet, and the seventh largest country ranked by population (behind China, India, the US, Indonesia, Brazil and Pakistan)
  • Learn Russian to read some of the world's greatest, most creative writers (like Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and Nabokov)
  • Learn Russian to discover a very different yet exciting culture that has helped to shape the modern world
  • Learn Russian to understand the turbulent socio-political transformations taking place in the new Russia
  • Need more reasons? Read the statement by USC Professor of Slavic and recent President of the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages, Dr. Sarah Pratt on studying Russian.
  • For a quick overview of Russian Grammar, click here!


Why study Russian at USC?

USC offers exceptional opportunities for language study, with cutting edge technology in the newly-refurbished Language Center, and effective, enthusiastic, personalized instruction We provide unique programs oriented towards teaching conversational Russian. Groups are small and students receive maximum individual attention

The Department of Slavic Languages is an internationally known and respected center for Russian studies with an internationally renowned faculty. Together with colleagues from other disciplines (Theater, Cinema, Linguistics, Journalism, International Relations, and Russian cultural and area studies) the department offers a wide variety of courses in language, literature, and culture at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

For More Information...

Contact Dr. Tatiana Akishina, Director of the Russian Language Program, at (213) 740-2737, or akishina@usc.edu.


Working in Russia as a Student

The School of Russian and Asian Studies offers helpful advice on working in Russia:


Russian Minor Makes a Mark

Our students pursue in many different and exciting careers. Here's a blurb about alumnus Mikael Arutunian's recent successes!

Congratulations Mikael!

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