Beginning Russian (SLL 120 & SLL 150)

The beginning course is designed for students who have no knowledge of Russian. The course focuses on learning enough vocabulary, basic grammar acquisition and oral skills so that you will be able to communicate effectively in everyday situations.

After your first year of Russian you will be able to read and write simple texts in Russian, and to perform the following functions:

  • to introduce yourself;
  • talk about everyday routine, studies, family;
  • ask and tell time;
  • make and respond to invitations; write greeting cards;
  • go shopping, and place orders in a restaurant;
  • express your emotions, complain and make compliments

First year Russian includes conversation sessions whose goal is to train oral skills and to increase your vocabulary.


* * *

If you would like to look at the Russian alphabet, click here.

For a survey of Russian Grammar, click here. (Taken from: Tatiana Akishina, Russkii iazyk za 10 dnei. Moscow: "Russkii iazyk," 1988.)

What's New

Alumnus Mikhail Gronas (Ph.D. 2002) has been promoted to the rank of associate professor with tenure at Dartmouth College.


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