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Program Details

A Groundbreaking Course on Leadership, Effectiveness & Happiness

SIY is a highly interactive program that integrates the theory and practices of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and the supporting scientific evidence. SIY provides the tools and skills to improve workplace effectiveness, leadership, and happiness.

Search Inside Yourself works in three steps:

Attention Training: Attention is the basis of all higher cognitive and emotional abilities. Train attention to create a quality of mind that is both calm and alert. This quality of mind forms the foundation for emotional intelligence.

Self-Knowledge and Self-Mastery: Use trained attention to understand cognitive and emotional processes. This knowledge provides the individual with the ability to regulate and master emotions.

Create Useful Habits and Leadership Skills: Develop the habits of leading with compassion and communicating with insight. These habits can be trained and create trust that leads to highly productive collaborations.

Program participants will:

  • Learn several mental training practices, including self-awareness, attention training and an introduction to emotional intelligence that are useful in enhancing work place skills.

  • Learn practices designed to enhance concentration and creativity, and improve self-awareness and emotional process. Enhance self-confidence, optimism, and empathy.

  • Learn practices for developing alignment, clarifying vision, and building resilience, as well as practices for leading with compassion and influencing with insight.

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