SIR Specific Research Programs

The Honors Program is designed to provide an opportunity for a structured indepth study of a topic chosen by the student.

The Brussels Summer Program focuses on European foreign policy and security issues; students intern for organizations in Brussels.

The Jerry Bender Africa Award is a competitive award that funds one undergraduate SIR student per year to complete a summer internship in Africa.

The Southern California International Review is USC's bi-annual publication of undergraduate international relations research, and is managed and edited by SIR students.

The Berkes Scholarship and Alumni Scholarship also provide students with the opportunity to attend important conferences and to complete internships and other research projects.


"Do not be afraid to take risks... try it all while you still have the freedom to work for three months at a time in unique places around the country or world..."
-an SIR alum 

Special Dornsife Programs

SURF is an opportunity for USC Dornsife students to pursue undergraduate research, in collaboration with USC faculty, either on or off campus during the summer semester.

The SOAR program provides funding to undergraduates for participation as a research assistant in a faculty member’s project, or who wish to pursue a scholarly research project of their own choosing (sponsored and supervised by a faculty member).

USC Support

University-wide support for undergraduate research includes theURAP program for research assistants who are working with a professor on an academic project.

The Provost's Research Fellowship is another research opportunity for students working with a Faculty member.


Undergraduate Research at USC Dornsife

Undergraduate Research at USC Dornsife

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