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USC Global Scholars Program

This information is specific to USC Dornsife students. All students should review the main program website for more information about the program.


The Global Scholars program recognizes undergraduates in USC Dornsife and other USC schools who have excelled in their studies both at home and abroad. Among these students, up to ten across the University will receive a $10,000 prize to be applied toward graduate study.


There are five main Global Scholar requirements for USC Dornsife students:

  1. Proficiency in a foreign language, about 3-4 semesters of study or the equivalent.

  2. 3.5 GPA upon graduation (after no more than 5 years of study)

  3. An overseas experience,

    1. Study abroad for at least a semester, which must include a homestay

    2. Work, internship, or volunteer service for at least 10 weeks, in a non-tourist, immersive capacity

  4. 2-page essay about how the overseas experience has shaped the student’s future as a leader and global citizen, including references to any overseas research

  5. Capstone paper or project that draws on resources and knowledge of local issues encountered while overseas. The capstone and one page executive summary must be submitted together.


An online "Intent to Submit" form will be processed by the USC Office of Undergraduate Programs, using the online application form.


Please note that to be certified for the Global Scholar honor you must submit your project materials via the online submission form. Applicants who also wish to be considered for the Global Scholar Prize Competition must submit all project materials in March, 2012.


Please note: Many of our top students may qualify for more than one scholar award. However, while the university might designate a student as a Renaissance, Discovery and Global Scholar, a student can receive only one $10,000 prize.