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Resistance to Genocide

To resist genocide effectively, we need to understand its history — the factors that have brought it about and those that have enabled people to prevent, resist or recuperate from mass violence. This interdisciplinary minor draws upon USC faculty in 11 academic units researching the causes, results and representations of attempted genocide as well as resistance to genocidal mass violence. Courses include attention to different definitions of genocide, its occurrence around the world and its representation in literature and the arts.

The minor requires five courses (20 units); at least four must be at the upper-division level. As with all minors, students must choose at least four courses (16 units) outside their major department and four courses (16 units) that are not being used to satisfy any other subject requirement.

For additional information and advisement, contact the USC Dornsife Office of Advising at 213.740.2534.

Lower-Division Requirement (4 units)
Choose one course (four units) from the following list.
JS 211, The Holocaust
POSC 248, International Human Rights
POSC 260, Global Ethnic Politics

Upper-Division Requirement (16 units)
Choose four courses (16 units) from the lists below, at least one from each list.

Representations of Genocide
COLT 485, The Shoah (Holocaust) in Literature and the Arts
ENGL 444, Native American Literature
FREN 373, Remembering Loss, Writing a Memory
ITAL 352, The Holocaust in Italian Fiction and Film
JS 362, Terror and Resistance in Literature and the Media
MUSC 430, Music and the Holocaust

The Reality of Genocide
ANTH 357, Culture of Genocide
HIST 323, The Holocaust in 20th Century Europe
HIST 428, Life and Death in Nazi Germany
IR 313, Religions and Political Violence
MDA 330, The Armenian Heritage: History, Arts, and Culture
POSC 366, Terrorism and Genocide
* PSYC 453, Intergroup Relations

Capstone Courses: Resisting Genocide
HIST 444, Mass Violence and Comparative Genocide in Modern World History
HIST 446, Resistance to Genocide
IR 437, Comparative Genocide

*Prerequisite: PSYC 355


Photo Credit: Mark Brecke, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Oure Cassoni refugee camp in Eastern Chad.  A mother tries to build structure that will replicate her home back in Darfur.  2004