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Apply to RHP

We are currently accepting applications for the 2016-2017 academic year. Before you begin the application process, please review the FAQ to familiarize yourself with the program and our admission requirements.

The Resident Honors Program has a two-part application process, described below. Full instructions are available within the RHP Application PDF. Both applications must be submitted by December 1, 2015.

1. RHP Application

The RHP Application is available for download from this website. The forms in the RHP Application will provide us with some personal and academic information about you. Also included are the Nomination Form, to be completed by your high school counselor, and the Informational Sheets for Teachers. Though the deadline for all application materials is December 1, 2015, we encourage you to submit the RHP Application as soon as possible. Completing these sections early will identify you as a serious applicant and will ensure you receive updates about your application in a timely manner.

2. Common Application and USC Supplement

You must also submit the Common Application with the USC Supplement online. The Common Application will ask you to identify your academic interests, showcase your writing skills, and provide details about your high school coursework and extracurricular activities. Note that some majors have additional application requirements within the USC Supplement, so be sure to read and follow all instructions carefully. More information and a link to the Common Application is available at the USC Undergraduate Admission website.

We look forward to working with you, and we welcome any inquiries you may have about the Resident Honors Program application process.

Apply Now:

2016 RHP Application

Deadline: December 1, 2015

Applicants must also submit the Common Application with the USC Supplement. Read the guidelines within the application and visit the USC Admission website for full instructions.

The RHP Application should be printed and mailed to:

Resident Honors Program
3616 Trousdale Parkway
AHF 410
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0375

The Common Application should be submitted online.

Please do not mail any parts of the Common Application to the RHP Office, including transcripts and recommendations. These should be submitted online or, if necessary, mailed to the USC Office of Admission.