Why Study Religion?

It’s real

The study of religion is not simply about faith or belief. Our majors study religious ideas, practices, and communities from a variety of disciplinary approaches, including those of politics, history, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, visual culture, and literary studies.

It's relevant

The religion major and minor provide training useful in a broad range of professional careers. You will learn to read texts closely, to think critically, and to express yourself persuasively. Religion courses also cultivate cultural awareness and broad historical perspective, both of which are essential for professionals across diverse fields, from law and medicine to politics, international affairs, and journalism.  

It’s revelatory

Students of religion strive to understand the universal quest for truth, meaning, and moral direction. Studying religion give you the opportunity to reflect on large, cross-cultural questions central to the human experience. Our courses will challenge you to consider large questions—what it means to be human, what it means to act ethically, what it means to create a just society—from diverse perspectives.

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